Our Ministries

Discover our vibrant ministries: Your path to fulfillment!

At Mercy Court, we’re more than just a place of worship; we’re a thriving community where faith comes to life. Our church is home to range of ministries, each with a unique purpose and a deep commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of our members and the wider community.

1. Family Life Ministry

For us, family is at the heart of it all. Our Family Life Ministry is a warm embrace for men, women, and children. We provide support, guidance, and a nurturing environment where everyone can grow in faith and love.

2. Media Ministry

Lights, camera, faith! Our Media Ministry takes care of all things production and media-related. They ensure our message reaches far and wide, touching hearts near and far.

3. Expression Ministry

Creativity knows no bounds here. From soul-stirring choir performances to moving drama, dance, and poetic renditions, our Expression Ministry celebrates the arts as a medium for spiritual expression.

4. Business Hub Ministry

Empowering dreams is what we do best. The Business Hub Ministry equips aspiring entrepreneurs and career professionals with essential skills and training, helping them take their journey to the next level.

5. MC Academy

Knowledge is the key to growth. MC Academy is our educational ministry, dedicated to training new workers, aspiring heads of departments, and future ministry leaders. Here, personal and spiritual growth go hand in hand.